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About Exotics


The History of Exotics

Exotics was the very first online Escort Directory back in 1997. As first-in businesses usually do, we attracted a lot of attention and success, and as the Internet goes, we attracted a lot of copycats too. For a long while Exotics enjoyed unprecedented success but due to quickly and ever changing Internet technology, Exotics lost some of its prominence.

Now under new, visionary ownership, Exotics is once again taking the lead in adult Internet personals and entertainment. While all of our competitors are still stuck in the past by using the same old format and technology, not to mention the same old obsolete business models that they copied from us over ten years ago, we as innovators, have responded to the needs and desires of the today’s much more savvy and sophisticated Internet users. Today's advertisers want more freedom and autonomy when it comes to promoting their adult entertainment desires and services.

Our innovation is based on the direction and success of mass collaboration social networking Web sites, like Wikinomics, MySpace, FaceBook, YouTube, etc. These Web sites have developed a viral following of loyal and enthusiastic participants, thus creating a community of people who are passionate with like minded interests. Here on Exotics, our adult-minded community promotes the sharing of one’s self and one’s adult-oriented content, in a spirit of fun and effective interaction where they can indulge in successful personal fulfillment, and adult fantasy connections can be achieved.

While there are many social networking Web sites out there, there are none that cater specifically to full blown, adult-minded, sexually-oriented, sexually life-styled people. Exotics is completely designed to allow mature members and advertisers the freedom and creativity to meet their needs for individual expression, and the autonomy for enhanced promotions and communication, thus enhancing the likelihood of more opportunistic interaction with other like minded, sexually oriented individuals.

While there are escort review Web sites, local and national Adult Service Providers, discussion boards, adult dating Web sites, etc., no one brings them all together the way we do.

With the new Exotics Community portal, you have the power and control over your advertising. Therefore, you don’t have the problems of some established and complacent escort directories.

Problems with Other Advertising Sites Which We Have Used to Improve our New System

  1. We don’t hijack your photos and profile information off other Web sites. We’re comfortable letting you decide if you want to be on Exotics.
  2. There are no fake ads using hot sexy “stock photos” of girls, that get constantly placed on the site to lure in members, as is the practice of many adult dating sites. Our ads and members are legit.
  3. There are no poor or frustrating customer service people who don't answer the phone or your emails in a timely manner.
  4. No leaving of voice mail messages that don’t get returned.
  5. There are no unanswered emails.
  6. There are no ad updates, or city relocations, that take others 10 days or longer to perform.
  7. Most of the things you used to need customer service for, you can now do yourself by logging in and adjusting your account settings in your own control panel.
  8. There are no negative reviews, topics, interactions, or nasty discussion board antics.
    If you have a problem, there are no discussion board moderators that show favoritism.
  9. There is no annoying waste of your time by having to post your Free Ads several times a day. We respect you and the value your time!
  10. There are no getting your ads flagged and knocked off line by jealous rivals, competitive agencies or handlers, bad customers, or old boyfriends. We don’t let anyone control your ad’s visibility.

And for Advertisers who wish to pay and get more value, status, and visibility, there are Four Membership plans to meet your advertising budget and needs.

  • Standard Membership – FREE (No Charge) (allows limited photos, visibility, benefits and features)
  • Silver Membership - $50 monthly - (allows more photos, benefits and features and enhanced visibility)
  • Gold Membership - $150 monthly - (allows more photos, videos, excellent visibility, benefits and features
  • Diamond VIP Membership - $225 monthly (all benefits, all features, top visibility, packaged savings)

See membership plans for details


With the All-New Exotics Advertising System, you have Total Freedom, Speed, Control, and Convenience.

  1. You can sign up online, build your ad, and pay for it all in one easy to use interface.
  2. Anything a customer support representative used to do for you, you can now do on your own. You have the power and control to switch your photos, change your text, and update your contact information when ever you want.
  3. You can place a visiting ad to another city if you’re visiting there.
  4. You can even send an announcement to let all the members in that city know that you’re visiting and when.
  5. You can log in and see valuable statistics regarding your profile. See how many visitors your ad has generated, see who, and how many members saved you in their favorites folder.
  6. You can see how your ad’s traffic compares to others in your category or services, within your specific city.
  7. See what time of the day your ad gets the most attention, that way if you don’t have a date, you’ll know when to log on and interact online to chat and make new friends and stir up some interest.
  8. You can have special folders for your Friends, Industry Contacts, Special Customers, or just people you want to put in your Hot List.
  9. You can make daily announcements and place “specials” on your local community bulletin boards.
    Control your visibility. Select “Private” to surf anonymously, or “Public” to let people know you are logged in so they can see you’re available to contact and interact with.
  10. Select “Off Line” to remove your profile from the site if you’re on vacation or just want to take a break for a while.
  11. You can market yourself by sending winks, ice breakers, text messages, and emails.
  12. You can block undesirable people from contacting you.
  13. You can upload video introductions and entice customers by the sound of your voice, or show them how seductively you move, perhaps to music.
  14. You can even have nude photos and sexually explicit photos and videos in your Private Portfolio for Exotics only members to see. (*Note: We don’t make your nude or sexually explicit material public for free or public viewing.)
  15. With Exotics, you can design and personalize your profile. Import HTML codes to produce slide shows, or other Web friendly services and tools to make your ad distinctly and uniquely yours.

The Exotics Story - About Us

Whether you’re male or female, old or young, straight or gay, vanilla or alternative, dominant or submissive, amateur or professional, in an open or exclusive relationship, Exotics is the most exciting adult sexually oriented community on the Internet. Whether you’re looking to hook up for a date, a quickie, or a long term relationship, to meet friends, or explore a particular lifestyle, we know that building a community where people can advertise their interests and live out their fantasies with the total freedom and creativity to express themselves, and interact with others in a safe and fun environment is what’s attractive to people and helps make it a successful and vibrant community, who’s members enthusiastically contribute to it’s promotion and growth. Exotics is a global presence, and has locations all over North America and Europe, and we have plans to expand beyond there.

Listening to our Advertisers and Our Desire to be the Best

Exotics is designed to be an adult minded sexually oriented community. It is a Web site of its members, for its members, by its members. We appreciate feedback from all members, as our goal is to make sure we are bringing you the latest and greatest technology available to promote yourself and to find that special someone or service you are looking for. We realize that Exotics members will have very diverse interests. That's why on Exotics you'll find chat rooms, bulletin boards, and topical discussion groups; individual member’s blogs to interact with, learn from, promote ideas, exchange advice, report successes, share true stories or write fictional ones, and anything else you can think of. Exotics contains a variety of categories that will help you locate exactly what you are looking for. You can browse, or use the advanced search feature to locate anyone in any city, who provides any service, with any particular look. With profile personalization features, you can get a good feel for who people are, what interests them, what desires, fantasies, interests, or skills they have, and what turns them on, and how they would like to turn you on.

Exotics Mission

We believe our members are our greatest resource to help us achieve our vision. We don’t just say that, we mean it, by providing the features to let our members find ultimate fulfillment in achieving their goals or fantasies. We let our members and advertisers show us the direction they want this community to go in, what technology or resources they need to get there, and we’re here to meet their (your) wants and needs.

Exotics Vision

Our vision for the future is, that we want Exotics to become a household name in the adult entertainment community. Our goal is to become the “Disney” of adult entertainment. While it is a lofty goal, all good goals are. Since Exotics helps its members and advertisers turn their fantasies into reality, their loyal and passionate presence and contributions will return the favor and help turn Exotics’ vision into reality too.

General Information

Your use of Exotics is governed and controlled by our Terms & Conditions to which you express your agreement to upon entering and/or upon using our Web sites If you do not agree to be bound by our Terms & Conditions, you must exit and leave our Exotics and any of its family of Web sites immediately. In addition to such Terms & Conditions, we wish to notify you of some additional information as described below.


Exotics may be occasionally promoted by third party affiliate marketers who are not employed, controlled by us, or associated with us other than for marketing purposes. While the promotional activities of affiliates are subject to contractual restrictions, we do not directly supervise, review or endorse their activities, and disclaim any and all liability associated with their affiliate marketing activities. We do not support any SPAM marketing and will appreciate you reporting such to us.

Information about Advertiser's Content Appearing on Exotics

The content of all ads appearing of our Exotics Web sites is provided by independent or agency businesses who are solely responsible for their content including, without limitation, all text, photo, and video images. The ads are provided for informational purposes only. Exotics does not control, supervise, verify, investigate, authenticate or endorse any of the content, information, except as it pertains by law as Exotics will not condone the promotion of any illegal activity. Exotics assumes no responsibility or liability for any ad’s content, representations, promise (explicit or otherwise), communications, by any advertiser, including, without limitation, the accuracy, completeness, or truthfulness of the ads, or any part thereof.

Exotics is not an escort agency, nor can we, or do we make referrals. We do not endorse, nor are we associated or affiliated with any of the advertisers. If you wish to contact with any of the adult entertainers who advertise on Exotics, please use the contact information found in the ads you see them in. All use of an ad’s content, and all contact with the adult entertainers is done so by you voluntarily and at your sole discretion, and in doing such, you assume any and all risks in doing so.

Exotics will not provide any additional information, contact or otherwise, for the advertisers beyond what you see in their ads and we do not forward emails, or make contact with any advertiser for you. Everything you need to do to contact an advertiser is in their ads. some will offer a phone number, an email, other’s will ask that you go to their respective Web sites and fill out a form for screening purposes. Each advertiser has their own protocol, please read each ad carefully and contact any advertiser or member accordingly.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or violations to report, please contact us using this form. Click here to contact us Thank you.